VAMzzz 05

Sweet Rebel Magazine • VAMzzz Publishing 144 pages, free online (click and view magazine)

Art: Sandra Torralba, Culture: Ama, The Diving Mermaids of Japan, Coming soon: Classic Erotic Art Special LUST, Health: Cacao vs Cocoa, Transition: Horoscope 2014, Health: Artemisinin, Rebel: Anais Nin, Transition: Seeds of Freedom, Poetry: Allen Ginsberg, Sacred Sex: Who is The Goddess?, Art: Winterscapes, Photography: VAMzzzTERDAM, Movie review: Nymphomaniac, Transition: Howard Zinn, Art: Ganesha Landart: Jorge Rodriquez-Gerada, Health: Bras are useless, Column: To boldly spy where no one has spied before, and more...
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