In this rare and unique book, Unicorn – A Mythological Investigation, Robert Brown Junior (1844-1912) places the unicorn-phenomena in a context of comparative mythology, while hypothesizing on ancient astrological symbolism. Unicorn was published in the Autumn of 1881. A time when all mythological and folklore narratives were believed to be old astronomical metaphors. Brown believes the unicorn to be a lunar symbol, and draws on mythology from a wide range of sources all over the world to build his case. Brown Junior discusses the heraldic use of the unicorn, relates the creature to ancient goddesses like Astarte, Hecate en the Gorgon Medusa, and provides the reader with lost esoteric Moon-lore.
Robert Brown Junior, FSA (Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries), MRAS (Member of the Royal Astronomical Society) was also a writer on archaic religion, mythology, and pioneered in the research of Babylonian astronomy. He distinguished himself by investigating the influence of ancient Semitic cultures on Hellenic religious mythology and the origin of the extra-zodiacal constellations.
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