Spiritual Fetichism was originally published as Fetichism in West Africa in 1904. The book was written by Robert Hamill Nassau, an American Presbyterian missionary, within a Christian scope and prejudice concerning West African culture and spirituality, which were typical for the 19th and early 20th century. However, despite a nowadays anachronist and disturbing perspective, the book has remained most valuable for students of the occult, especially those interested in demonology, voodoo, hoodoo and its roots, African magick and religion, witchcraft, the classes of African spirits, and of course the spiritual and magickal use of a fetish. Particularly those students in magick who are interested in working with thought forms or familiars should pay attention to this book, as African Fetichism resides in the borderland between animism and nature spirit worship and the magickal animation of an object as it is taught by teachers as Franz Bardon and Raven Grimassi.
VAMzzz Publishing republished this book, not because we share the view of the colonist and missionary, but apart from the historical backgrounds of voodoo, for the cheer preservation of valuable magickal root information, and because Africa is too often neglected and underrated in this context by the modern practitioner of magick.
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