Magic and Magical Fetish by VAMzzz Publishing

Magic and Magical Fetish gives a very practical and theoretical insight of the universal principles of magic, categorized in different techniques. Valuable for both anthropologists, Wiccans and occultists. The book deals mainly with primitive, or folk magic, and is one of the very few works ever published which describes wind making and rain making by magical means. 
Alfred C. Haddon, was a University Lecturer in Ethnology at Cambridge. In this volume he divides magic into sympathetic magic, sub-divided in contagious magic and homeopathic magic, the magic of words, talismans and amulets, and divination. He also separates public magic from the private magic and describes magical training routines. Fetishism is dealt with in the last part of the book, mainly in the context of the magical loaded object and how it is used. 
A valuable book on magic, which wasn’t available for decades.
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