A Journey Through 388 Erotic Works of Art • VAMzzz Publishing 417 pages, ebook ISBN 9789492355201 (click for preview)

LUST takes you on an erotic trip along 388 masterpieces of sensuality. Large images, ranging from works of esthetic genius like Egon Schiele, to the clinical sketches of Tom Poulton, from the dominatrix drawings of Montorguiel and German Jim, to the masochistic gothic eroticism of Henry Fuseli. Nineteen different artist are depicted in their characteristic styles spanning five centuries of creativity with LUST as the timeless leitmotiv. This ebook offers the collector unique and rare material. Among them works of Friedrich Wilhelm Kleukens, Baldung-Grien’s German witches, less known work of Franz von Bayros, the satanic Félicien Rops and fetishist Bruno Schultz. 
Each artist comes with a biographical introduction. 
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