This wonderful book describes the creation according to Italian witch-lore. We also read about the witch-meeting or sabbath (treguenda) and it contains many original magical recipes, like spells for love and good fortune. Diana is further connected to the Moon and the fairy world.

Where Leland’s Etruscan Magic and Occult Remedies deals with the entire pantheon of old Italian gods and nature spirits, worshiped by the streghe, Aradia is focused on Diana or Tana, her daughter Aradia and Lucifer. Aradia, the queen of the Italian witches, or streghe is as Leland concludes: ‘evidently enough Herodias, who was regarded in the beginning as associated with Diana as chief of the witches. This was not, as I opine, derived from the Herodias of the New Testament, but from an earlier replica of Lilith, bearing the same name.’
VAMzzz Publishing revised this book with a Post Scriptum, containing biographical info on Charles Godfrey Leland, his witch-informant Maddalena and historical proof the witch-tradition is indeed linked to 2000 years of Diana worship.

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